Monday, 8 September 2014

From Abu Dhabi

We've arrived safely in Abu Dhabi after the most turbulent trip we've had - nothing drastic, just fairly constant at times.   I guess some of it was related to the weather which caused the floods in India which we saw on the TV in the hotel dining room this morning at breakfast.

It was hot and humid yesterday - 40C and high humidity so we had a sleep and then stayed inside till late afternoon when we went to the Sheik Sayed Grand Mosque which is very impressive.   I must try to do some research on Arabic art and religious symbolism when we get home.

The first birds I saw on arrival here were - you guessed it, - Rock Doves (Feral Pigeons).   They were at the Mosque too, along with Common Mynas.   Better sightings were my first three Arabic birds - White-eared Bulbul, Red-vented Bulbul and Graceful Prinia.   No photos of them, just this one of part of the Mosque with some Rock Doves.

It really looked beautiful in the dusk.

We did a city tour today and it included a visit there too.  I saw a Grey Francolin as we drove in and I managed to go to a grassy area and find it again before we left.  Not the greatest photo, but a nice reminder of seeing it.