Monday, 24 November 2014

A walk along the Ushuaia, Argentina, waterfront

We finally arrived in Ushuaia mid morning yesterday after what seemed endless plane flights with little sleep, and after a nap went for a short walk along the waterfront before a shower arrived.  

This shows how South American terns have made themselves at home on what appeared to be an abandoned fishing vessel anchored a little off the wharf.

These two are Dolphin Gulls, an attractive species in appearance I think, with the red legs and bill contrasting  with the greys of the bird.

Overhead, Kelp Gulls wheeled.  We see them in Australia too so they were easy to recognise.

One landed, giving good views.

We saw two different pairs of Kelp Goose along the waterfront.   This is a female which was more active than the male.

The male seemed to be huddled up against the chill.

These two terns were engaged in an interaction for a minute or so, chasing and flying very close to each other.  I don't know if this was an aggression or a mating interaction, given that it is spring here.

This female Kelp Goose was feeding at the water's edge.  The soft light was good for her contrasting plumage.

A closer view of a male.  I like that small pinkish area on his bill!

My husband has gone to try to hire a car to go out to Tierra del Fuego National Park using a credit card, as it is proving impossible to get money out of ATMs in Argentina!  Apologies if I don't respond to comments in case we do get one.