Wednesday, 10 February 2016

A quick post from the last two day's walks.

Yesterday I walked in a large municipal park that is very popular with dog owners and group walkers as it is open and has quite wide paths.  There's also a lake, but it generally doesn't have much on it apart from Eurasian Coots.  It has more introduced trees in it than most of the other places I walk so there are sometimes different birds there.

Yesterday there was a small group of Gang-gang Cockatoos there.  They are the most gentle of our cockatoos, and a favourite with many people.   That is a female.

That's a male.   They love hawthorn berries, an introduced species, and visit an area of this park each year to feast on them.  Their call is like a creaking gate, and quite distinctive!

Today's walk has mostly tall eucalypts, and varies quite a bit seasonally with bird activity.  Late summer, like now, is mostly the least productive time.   These two Rainbow Lorikeets were biting off tiny pieces of dead wood, and the nearer one was being quite vocal about my intrusion.   I'm not sure, but I think the wing fluttering indicates displeasure at being disturbed!

The are certainly able to convey their attitude without problems!