Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Return of a special bird

It became warm and sunny this afternoon and I'd got the washing on the line and all the emails answered, so I decided it was time for a walk.   My husband has a 200 - 400 lens and while I'd love to have one too, I'm not sure that I could hold it steady as it's heavier and longer than my 300.

It was a lucky choice to borrow it to take on my walk!   I always look up to the spout where I saw the
Australian Owlet-Nightjar just over twelve months ago, and I've not seen a sign of it since New Year's Day 2014.   Today there seemed to be a bit of the tree fallen into the entrance, but I thought I'd better check just in case.   In a lovely surprise, there were the huge dark eyes watching me - the Owlet-Nightjar had put in an appearance.

Apparently they are quite common, but because they hunt insects at night, not seen a lot, although they sometimes sun themselves.  The spout is fairly high, so it was lucky I had the longer lens.