Wednesday, 21 January 2015

A shorter post

Today's post will be shorter as it was a warmer afternoon so not so many photographic opportunities as the birds tend to be either lethargic and sitting in a cool shady spot, or otherwise very speedy.   I did see several new ones for my year list though so that balanced things!   It's humid this evening, so not enjoyable sitting at the computer which seems to radiate heat!

This isn't the greatest photo but does show some interesting information as I hadn't seen a Mistletoebird eating anything but mistletoe before.    They're a very small bird, and this is the male.   The female is more brown with just a pinkish flush to her chest and some under her tail.  I've left the blackberries in to show where he had been pecking, and he's carrying just one lobe in his bill - which shows how small he is!   He's probably got chicks nearby as I think he'd have eaten it on the spot otherwise.

This one shows their beautiful little nest - a bit like a baby's slipper hanging from a hook - that I took yesterday.   There were 3 chicks in it, and it's taken from a distance and heavily cropped.

This young Olive-backed Oriole had also been eating ripe blackberries, an introduced pest, but flew up into the wattle so that it could watch what I was doing.   An adult would have a strongly pink bill and olive green back to go with the striped front.

I was pleased to catch this Australian Reed Warbler posing at least partially out of the reeds for once.   Often they are heard, but not seen.

Also very obliging this afternoon was this White-browed Scrubwren.   Normally they're into cover at the slightest disturbance, and scold their displeasure loudly from the depths!